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Report: Amazon has big plans for its physical stores



Last year, Amazon struck further fear into the hearts of high-street booksellers by opening its first brick and mortar store in Seattle.

Following the launch of that outlet, the company reportedly had plans to expand by opening 300 to 400 further stores in major cities.

Now, according to a Financial Times report (via Mashable) on Friday, Amazon will launch a new physical bookstore in Chicago, on top of previously mentioned locations in San Diego and Portland.

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The online giant has previously vowed that prices at its physical location would not vary from its highly discounted online prices.

And while there's no news on how the new shop will look, the company's store in Seattle was designed to display books that received high ratings on the Amazon site.

Customers at the new stores should also have opportunities to test out Amazon's Kindle e-readers and Fire TV streaming devices.

And since the new stores will be in the US, customers should also be able to sample the company's Alexa-powered smart speaker, the Amazon Echo.

The news, earlier this year, that Amazon was planning to open 300 to 400 new stores in major cities came via Sandeep Mathrani, the CEO of US mall operator General Growth Properties Inc, who apparently let Amazon's plans slip while speaking with investors.

Remaining bookstore chains will likely be dismayed at the news that Amazon's physical store expansion is soon to begin, as they've already struggled to maintain profitability in the face of Amazon's online popularity.

Could London be on that list of major cities? We'll have to wait to find out.

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Would you like to see a physical Amazon store in the UK? Let us know in the comments.

Kevin Moore

August 28, 2016, 8:01 pm

People hate doing weekly food shopping, where with this online click and collect, delivery and drone delivery will be the future and capture %80 sales of the food retail business. Outside of food normal retail in the future online will only account for %30 of sales.

People enjoy shopping it is a hobby or sport. People like to walk into shops and try on the shoes, clothes etc etc before they. Take that car or motorbike for a test drive.

Amazon will know this through all its data crunching. Therefor in the future the majority percentage of food retail will be done on line, the majority of normal retail will remain with bricks and mortar stores.

What Amazon should do with its new book stores is to create a relaxing and homely feel. This is done by having an up market coffee shop inside its stores, Amazon will then gain a lot more foot traffic into its stores with people buying sit down and take away coffee and pastries.

Starbucks create a nice welcoming environment. Amazon needs to create it's own coffee shop and have them inside each book store, Amazon then gains more foot traffic into the store, sells more books, sells more electronic devices, more Amazon apps are downloaded.

If I was running Amazon that is what I would do.


August 30, 2016, 5:40 pm

The way target is being managed - Amazon need only wait a year or two and they will be able to buy super target stores with recently updated bathroom facilities for a dime on the dollar.

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