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Raspberry Pi Computer Delayed

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Raspberry Pi Computer Delayed

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The $25 Raspberry Pi mini computer has been delayed slightly following some manufacturing issues. If you have already ordered one, you'll have to wait a little bit longer.

On its official Wordpress blog, team Raspberry Pi announced that manufacturing problems have led to a delay of the first batch of computers. As community manager Liz Upton humorously put it, "It’s inevitable, isn’t it – you’re freewheeling along perfectly happily and then you get a puncture."

The reason for the delay? During manufacture there was an accidental substitution of a network jack - a non-magnetic one replaced the magnetic one that should have been used. A bit like putting salt in your tea, thinking it is sugar.

Raspberry Pi computer

Although some buyers may be slightly miffed at having to wait longer to get their hands on the $25 computer, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has responded in exactly the right way. It has apologised, told us exactly what's wrong and been frank about what's going to happen next. If only the bigger manufacturers would be so clear, from time to time…

However, there's no precise date for the shipping of the first batch of Raspberry Pi computers, or exact info on how much it'll affect successive batches. Raspberry Pi equation

The Raspberry Pi equation

The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost computer that's hoped to spark off a generation of coding-savvy kids, much like the one that led to characters like Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates. Want to get in on the action? The Raspberry Pi store is currently closed, the first batches having sold out. But it should be available to buy soon enough, once those port problems are fixed.

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