Q Acoustics’ M2 sound base may be the only audio system you need

Q Acoustics’ latest audio product wants to be the only sound system in your house.

The Q Acoustics M2 is a compact soundbase. It aims to boost your TV’s sound, just like a soundbar, but with a more space-saving form factor. Measuring 550 x 93 x 338mm (WxHxD), it’s supposed to sit under your TV, either between the legs or directly under a central pedestal. It supports TVs as heavy as 25kg.

It’s also small enough to hide in your AV cabinet alongside your Blu-ray player or games console. There is a clever switch on the back of the M2, which adapts the EQ for better sound on furniture out in the open, in a tight space, or in a large cabinet.

Q Acoustics has created a dedicated movie mode, which improves the bass at lower volumes. The idea is that you can feel the punch of large-scale action even if you don’t want to wake the neighbours. The M2 uses HDMI-ARC, which means you’ll be able to control the soundbase volume with your TV remote.

Q Acoustics M2

It’s not just about your TV’s sound. Q Acoustics also wants this to serve as a sound system in its own right, and the ‘standard’ mode is tuned to sound similar to its range of hi-fi speakers, with a more neutral tonal balance.

The construction itself takes a lot from Q Acoustics’ hi-fi products. The cabinet is made of MDF, with internal bracing – just like the Q series speakers. Twin BMR (balanced mode radiator) speakers promise a 180-degree sound with a wide ‘sweet spot’, so you won’t need to sit in the middle of the sofa.

There are no fancy multi-room audio smarts, like the Sonos Playbase has, but the Q Acoustics M2 does support aptX Bluetooth streaming, plus NFC for quicker device pairing.

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The Q Acoustics M2 costs £299 and will be available from September 20.