Purported iPhone 8 schematic reveals rear fingerprint scanner, dual camera

If you thought the sheer amount of iPhone 8 leaks was starting to become a tad overwhelming, calm down and take a look at another one.

Yes, we’ve got yet another purported iPhone 8 leak for you, and this time it comes in the form of a schematic which was apparently captured on camera by a Foxconn employee.

Provided by SlashLeaks, and circulated on Chinese social media, the latest image shows what looks to be a schematic for the upcoming iPhone, which some have speculated could in fact be called the iPhone X or iPhone Pro.

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The image shows a phone that shares a lot in common with the recently-launched Galaxy S8 – at least around the front where the screen almost covers the entire face of the phone, with minimal bezels.

There’s also no physical home button, which is perhaps the biggest rumours we keep hearing about the phone, but it’s the fingerprint scanner element that’s causing some controversy.

Analyst Timothy Arcuri claimed this week that Apple is facing difficulties placing the Touch ID element below the display, with low yield rates for the component causing potential delays.

Instead, Apple could move the scanner to the back of the phone, as shown in these latest schematics – though it doesn’t make for the sleekest design.

iphone 8 schematic

Adding to the general unsightliness of the rear of the device, the dual camera lenses have been stacked vertically – yet another rumour we’ve been hearing a lot in recent weeks.

However, it seems we shouldn’t be too concerned. As 9to5Mac points out, this image appears to show design drawings for the iPhone 8’s Engineering Validation Test third revision.

That means this is likely an early stage in the Apple product development cycle, with Design Validation Testing and Production Validation Testing still to come.

There’s every chance this design will change, then, and that’s even assuming the image is legitimate.

Apple is yet to confirm anything about its next iPhone, so at this point, everything we hear remains unverified, and this latest photo is no exception.

The iPhone 8 is expected to arrive later this year, if the reported delays don’t impact the schedule too much, so stay tuned.

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