Pure’s Siesta S6 wants to slink its way onto your bedside table

Pure has just popped out the new Siesta S6 premium alarm clock, with DAB/FM radio, Bluetooth and jaw-dropping looks.

There are plenty of lovely-looking bedside clocks out there, and even a few nice radios and Bluetooth speakers, but the number of attractive clock radios with Bluetooth is low enough for them to be considered an endangered species. Ruark, Tivoli and Como Audio have been keeping the population ticking along, but thankfully Pure has now added to the numbers.

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The Pure Siesta S6 can use one of its four settable alarms to wake you up to the sounds of your favourite station on DAB/DAB+ or FM radio, or stream some of your own personal wake-up tunes from a phone or tablet over Bluetooth 4.0. Van Halen’s Jump all the way for us, obviously.

Pure’s always had a pretty good reputation for the sound quality of its DAB radios and, despite the small size of this one, the company’s still managed to cram in a 2.5-inch full-range driver.

The styling looks pretty on-point to us, whichever colour option you choose – Polar (white) or Graphite (grey) – and readability from the edgeless CrystalVue+ display promises to be decent from right across the room.

Other functions include 40 station presets, a sleep timer, 3.5mm headphone socket, and a USB port for giving your mobile device a charge overnight. A new ‘Siesta’ mode enables you to schedule a little power nap – although we’re not yet clear about exactly what that means. We’ll have to test that bit really thoroughly. Many power naps.

The Pure Siesta S6 is on sale now at £129.99 from John Lewis.

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