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Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 - the £35 DAB Alarm Clock

Andrew Williams


Pure Siesta Mi
Pure Siesta Mi

Pure has announced a new version of its popular Siesta Mi alarm clock DAB radio. Selling for just £35, the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is one of just a few affordable gadgets that will make for a classy present.

The Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is a classic bedside radio design, but comes with the added benefit of DAB radio. It allows for two separate alarms, should you not want to get up at the same time as who/whatever you may sleep alongside. You can wake up to either a DAB or FM radio station, or a standard alarm tone. And yes, of course, both Snooze and Sleep functions are built-in.

The display on the front is a clear one-line type and automatically adjusts its brightness to suit ambient light levels. It'll display information reaped from the DAB signal too, scrolling across as it would on one of Pure's higher-end radios. The main differences between this Series 2 model and the original Siesta Mi include an improved display and improved alarm functionality - although its predecessor still offers dual alarms.Pure Siesta Mi Series 2

Also available in black

Pure's Siesta Mi Series 2 is powered by a single 2.5in full-range driver. With only a single watt of RMS power at its disposal, it may not sound like a powerhouse, but Pure is a pro at making small boxes sound big. If you want a more powerful bedside set, Pure also offers a "non-Mi" Siesta with a 3in driver unit and the Pure Chronos, which has inbuilt stereo speakers.

We'll be back with a full review of the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 soon.


September 7, 2012, 5:01 pm

Bought this for my wife as her radio alarm was not the best, and was very dissapointed! We have a Pure DAB 'One' radio in the kitchen which easily picks up over 70 stations, this struggled to pick up 20 and half of those were foreign language stations that were no good. So back to Argos it will go.... If you want my advice.... DO NOT buy this item.


February 9, 2013, 11:23 pm

That never works..

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