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PS4 Elite controller could be in the works – report


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Sony could be working on an elite version of the PS4 controller, according to a series of new patent listings.

First reported by Push Square, the patent in question has been available for a while now, but has since been refiled by Sony.

The patent displays what appears to be a Dualshock 4 controller with additional paddles and customisable features, much like the Elite Controller for Xbox One.

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Sony suddenly revising the patent suggests that the device is currently in development, and could be due for a reveal in the near future.

You can check out the patent images below:

ps4 eliteps4 elite

We wouldn’t be surprised if Sony had plans to launch a shiny new controller alongside the PS4 Neo later this year, which will upscale a number of games to 4K.

Microsoft’s elite controller for Xbox One has been well received since its release, giving players an abundance of unique ways to adjust thumbsticks, d-pads and more on the device.

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June 20, 2016, 1:41 pm

Why has no-one worked out the two illustrations are totally different designs. They are obviously prototype designs created for the actual PS4 controller, and Sony have decided to patent the ideas they never used. The top design has the joysticks in a different position which is crazy because the thumbs don't naturally land on them. I seem to remember the first PS2 controller to use joysticks utilised that position, then they improved it with the current position.

The PS4 design continues with the excellent ergonomic design that won awards when first created. Good solid design outlives fashion and gimmicky trends.

Would I like an Elite controller with more buttons on it? Yes I would because button sharing is the blight of modern console gaming. Here's a rant about button sharing which is my pet hate.

You have the heal button the same as the friend revive button in Uncharted coop. You quickly run in to revive your friend, then start healing yourself if you're not full health while standing over your friend and die under the enemy fire.

Or Far Cry sharing the ledge grab with the weapon reload. You jump to crab a ledge and press the grab button, but if your gun is not fully loaded, you go into a reload gun animation and crash into the ledge instead of grabbing it, falling to your death.

Or the most common one. Sharing the reload button with the weapon pickup. You run in to quickly grab a powerful weapon dropped on the floor but as you stand over it and press grab, you start reloading the lame gun because the magazine was not full and you get killed. Grrrrrr.

Or Fallout 4 sharing short press circle to open pitboy and long press circle to turn on flash light. You end up constantly not pressing long enough when in a hurry to turn the light on and accidentally go into the pitboy. And worse still. When you back out to try again, the game freezes as it goes into an autosave because you have just been in the Pitboy. Talk about lethargic stalls breaking up the gameplay. And all thanks to button sharing. Not enough buttons.

Button sharing is truly annoying and destroys gameplay.

Eric Higgin

June 21, 2016, 5:41 am

This is for when PS4 NX Hybrid Console is announced. Ninty players are used to having the sticks up top with dpad and buttons below like the Wii U tablet and Pro controller. This way both PS players and Ninty players get what they are used to, and possibly an option if they so choose.


June 22, 2016, 1:16 pm

Said no one ever...

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