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PS4 Destiny bundle given pre-release price cut, now just £329

Luke Johnson



The PS4 Destiny bundle is set to launch on September 9, but Amazon is now letting you pre-order the console and game at a heavily reduced price.

Giving gamers added incentive to make the jump to a PS4 in time for the release of the Bungie and Activision epic, the online seller has cut the PS4 Destiny bundle price from £379 to just £329.

As well as being cheaper than the bundle’s original price, this deal sees the Destiny package line up a full £20 cheaper than a standalone PS4.

It is currently unclear how long this deal will be offered for.

Although having offered the PS4 Destiny bundle this morning, the console is now showing as out of stock.

Amazon’s PS4 Destiny bundle price cut follows further recent discounts to special edition releases of Sony’s latest console offering.

Earlier today rival retailer GAME slashed the price of the White PS4 Destiny bundle. The lighter hued console can now be snapper up ahead of launch for just £349.99.

Destiny will hit the UK on September 9. Although set to land on current and past-gen consoles, PS4 gamers will be offered exclusive Destiny content.

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Giovanni Maurice

August 22, 2014, 10:54 pm

Is this in the USA?

I am unanimous in that

August 24, 2014, 7:58 pm

Really looking for to Destiny.

However, it's annoying that Game manage to tie up whatever exclusive is going on new game releases and then proceed to up the price for customers. I would also rather deal with amazon.co.uk any day of the week with their excellent customer service compared to the couldn't care less attitude you get from Game.

Ps also undecided whether to get this on for my Xbone One or treat myself to a PS4 bundle.

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