PS4 Deals: The best PlayStation 4 bundles and offers

Having launched back in November, PS4 stocks are beginning to resurface and, as retailers once again compete for your cash, a number of PS4 deals have started to emerge.

Although high demand for the console means that prices remain high, there is the odd bargain doing the rounds, with reduced prices, bundled games and free peripherals all being used to help sweeten deals.

Helping you ensure you get the most for your money, we have brought together all the best PS4 deals that are available right now.

The first UK retailer to offer a considerable PS4 price cut, online outlet GameStop has started offering Sony’s latest console for just £329.97, a full £20 cheaper than the Xbox One rival’s standard retail price.

As well as offering one of the best PS4 deals on the standalone console, GameStop is also selling a PS4 bundle with a copy of Killzone Shadow Fall for just £369.97. This bundle offers a saving of £30 over buying the console and game separately and is considerable cheaper than the same bundle with rival retailers.

PS4 Deals: GameStop

Although GAME’s PS4 deals might not look too kind on your wallet, starting at the princely sum of £469.99, they do offer some half decent savings overall.

Although it will cost you £120 more than a standalone console, GAME’s entry-level PS4 deal sees the next-gen gamer packaged alongside a pair of games – Killzone and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition – and Sony’s Kinect rivalling PlayStation 4 Camera for an overall saving of £30.

For those wanting a fully comprehensive next-gen gaming experience from the off, GAME also offers a £569.99 bundle. For this hefty fee, the PS4 console is paired with three games – Killzone Shadow Fall, FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4 – as well as a 12 month PlayStation Network Plus subscription.

Although still setting you back almost £570, this expansive bundle deal offers overall saving just shy of £40.

PS4 Deals: GAME

While Zavvi’s primary PS4 deal doesn’t bring the console’s price down much – a single, wholesome penny to be precise – the retailer is still offering a good deal.

Where Zavvi’s PS4 deal proves fruitful is in getting the console to you. Although many retailer offer free shipping with such high-value purchases, Zavvi will get your shiny new PS4 to you the following day without asking to spend a penny.

“Order Before 8pm For Free Next Day Delivery,” the company’s PS4 listing states.

PS4 Deals: Zavvi

Bookmark this page now for all the latest PS4 deals moving forward as we will continue to update it as new PS4 offers emerge and evolve.

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