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PS Vita Gets Japanese Launch Date

David Gilbert


PS Vita Gets Japanese Launch Date

With the Tokyo Games Show taking place this week, we have finally gotten an official launch date for Sony’s next handheld console, the PlayStation Vita.

While we already knew that the Vita wouldn’t be coming to these shores before the new year, Sony had consistently said it would be bringing the console to its native Japan in time for Christmas, and it will be keeping that promise, launching the Vita on 17 December.

Not only will the Japanese get it in time for Christmas they will be able to chose from 26 launch titles including some of the biggest names from Sony’s PlayStation cannon including Uncharted, Ridge Racer, F1 2011, and Dynasty Warriors.

Pre-orders will begin on 15 October and will go on sale for ¥29,980 (£247) for the 3G model which is around the €249 price point Sony announced at E3 last June.

And that was not the only good news for Japanese gamers eager to get their mitts on a Vita. Sony will tie in with the Torne DVR adapter for the PS3 which is only available in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Once synced up, it allows users to remotely tune into live TV streams, browse listings and remotely schedule recordings via an app on the portable device.

PlayStation Vita

On a more negative note, Sony is reporting that the battery time is going to be between three and five hours gaming time for the Vita, which is a 20 per cent decrease compared to the original PSP.

We are still waiting to hear about a European launch date for the Vita and hopefully with the Japanese date now set in stone, we won’t have to wait for too long.

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