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Project Cars Wii U cancelled as "simply too much" for hardware

Sam Loveridge


Project Cars

Project Cars Wii U has been cancelled, with the developer saying the game is "simply too much" for the console's hardware.

The Wii U version of the crowd-funded racing sim, Project Cars, has been scrapped entirely according to developer Slightly Mad Studios.

In a statement to Nintendo Life, Slightly Mad confirmed that it has now abandoned the Wii U version of hte game.

"The official line is that we're awaiting an announcement from Nintendo on new hardware," said a Slightly Mad spokeperson.

We've always had our doubts about the Wii U version of Project Cars, especially since the developer revealed back in MAy that the game was only running at 23fps in 720p HD on the Wii U.

The developer at the time suggested that the game might have to be delayed until Nintendo's next console, the codenamed Nintendo NX.

"Honestly unless we really cut the looks back I think we're looking to Nintendo's next console," said studio boss Ian Bell at the time.

"We still haven't given up on Wii U 100 per cent but if we can't make it work we will move to the next Nintendo machine."

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It's unclear if that means Slightly Mad would still make a Project Cars version for the NX when it eventually launches, or whether it will wait until Project Cars 2 comes out - whenever that may be.

Nintendo has already said it won't even discuss the Nintendo NX until 2016, so we might be in for a bit of a wait either way.


July 21, 2015, 4:30 pm

April 2013:

"What we´re going to make sure is that the Wii U version is not the worst

one, it won´t be a crappy version. We want people to get the game and

say `Holy s***, that looks amazing!´"

SOURCE: http://www.nintendolife.com/ne...

December 2013:

"The Wii U is more than capable of providing the core Project CARS

experience. Sure, some super-high-level graphical effects may not be

possible but in comparison it also offers a unique interaction

experience via the GamePad controller, with the second screen

potentially becoming your track map overview, rear-view mirror,

telemetry, or simply mimicking a real race car steering wheel whilst you

use the gyroscope to drive."



September 2014 :

said he sees the game regularly and he's impressed with where it's at.
"It's got dynamic time of day, weather--it looks phenomenal," he said.
"And the actual console itself is quite good."

not our job to disappoint those guys," he added. "So when we say the
Wii U version is delayed in 2015 because we need a little more time,
that's all it is. We just want to make sure it's of the same standard of
all the other games. To do that, we just need a little more time."
"There is no conspiracy."

SOURCE: http://www.gamespot.com/articl...

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