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Prey – Everything we know



It's been a long time since we last heard about Prey. Prey 2 was cancelled by Bethesda back in 2014, having been revealed three years earlier.

The experience we see today looks nothing like the game we saw back then, and now it's simply called Prey.

Previously developed by Human Head Studios, the sequel is now being helmed by Arkane Studios, the developer behind the Dishonored franchise.

Except now, the sequel is a complete reboot of the series, albeit with a unique psychological twist aboard a mysteriously terrifying space station known as Talos One.

Thanks, Bethesda.


What is Prey?

Prey is the long-awaited sequel/reboot to the 2006 shooter of the same name. Taking place on Talos One. a space station orbiting the moon in the year 2035, you are imprisoned and subject to a range of horrific experiments that could change the course of humanity.

As you might expect, things soon get even worse and the station is invaded by a slew of alien creatures. All you have to survive are your wits and some newly acquired mind-bending abilities. Oh, and you might bump into some alien weaponry on your journey, too.


Prey Gameplay – How does it play?

Despite being set to release over a decade after the original, Prey appears to pay homage to a number of aspects of the original game. Some of the weapons, abilities and alien creatures look eerily familiar to us.

Judging by the weapons and supernatural elements found in the first trailer, the game will once again embrace organic weapons and strange magical abilities.


Prey release date – When is it coming out?

Prey will be available in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Prey trailers – How does it look?

The latest trailer for Prey is once again narrated by Morgan, our main protagonist. However, this time around it appears to be a female character, leading us to believe we may have the option of choosing our gender at the start of the game. It's either that, or Prey is playing some seriously strange mind games:

E3 2016 trailer:

What do you think of Prey? Did you play the original? Let us know in the comments.

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