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Pokemon Go trading is coming, but perhaps not for everyone


Pokemon Go

Earlier this week, we learned Niantic is working on adding a trading feature to the Pokemon Go experience as a ‘core element.’

However, reports on Friday have suggested the feature may not be available to all players of the phenomenally successful mobile title.

The PokeGoFans site claims players will need smartphones with Near Field Communications (NFC) functionality in order to swap their captured Pokemon with each other.

While most modern smartphones do indeed offer the functionality, there are multiple high profile releases that remain without it.

As BGR points out, both the iPhone 5s, still a remarkably popular handset available from Apple, is one and the OnePlus 2 is another.

The unsubstantiated report does say there may be other trading options available for those without NFC to there may be some hope yet.

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Earlier this week, the CEO of Niantic John Hanke said the addition of trading would help to foster more social interaction within the game.

Hanke also teased there may be versions of the game for dedicated AR devices that would allow players to see the creatures within their field of view rather than peering through a smartphone lens.

"That may be a fun thing to take advantage of," Hanke told Business Insider.

At least that would prevent users walking into inanimate objects while peering into their smartphone display.

Will you be upgrading your non-NFC smartphone if it’s required to trade Pokemon? Share your thoughts below.

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Katrina Wier

July 18, 2016, 11:21 pm

Just upgraded my phone to accommodate the processing power required to run it. (I had needed an upgrade for awhile, but Pokemon Go gave me the push I needed.) Unfortunately, we chose the Honor 5X before we knew about this rumor.
I hope Niantic continues to make the game accessible for the most number of phone users and provides another option besides NFC.


July 22, 2016, 7:12 am

just the thought of seeing people with the google glass trying to catch pokemon would be entirely rediculous. if u cant see where your going on your phone, how the hell would u beable to do it with a pair of googles glass. not everyones made of money that can afford the google glass, or microsoft hololens at that. even the apple watch would be stupid to have the game on it. its like buying the google glass to see the pokemon while wearing the apple watch to use a pokeball. we arent quite there in the virtual reality field yet where a pokeball just magically appears in thin air in your hand and u go and throw it at a snorlax. dont get me wrong, it would be nice to see that happen, but then again walking out in the street with these and not paying attention, u could be seriously injured. as it shows in the game, "be aware of your surroundings". most people dont follow this and its already happend to quite a few people who dont pay attention to their surroundings. in my opinion i wouldnt do it for the simple fact that, people could get hurt, or people could get robbed. its already happend, but im just saying.

Brandon Seeley

July 26, 2016, 4:59 am

What I feel like they should add is when u complete medals u click on them and swipe it like a pokestop and it gives u special things. More rarer stuff then your average pokestop that would be cool iv already completed a couple and its like I got nothing for completing them except exp

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