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Pokémon Go is a massive waste of time! Head-to-Head


The Pokémon Go app continues to take over the world, with everyone and their dog trying to catch ‘em all.

In this week’s Head-to-Head, James Laird (@scavgourmet) and Evan Kypreos (@EvanKypreos) debate whether it's a good game or just a huge waste of time.


A botched launch, unreliable servers and responsible for countless phone thefts, accidents and injuries – Pokémon Go is a rubbish game and a waste of time.

From car crashes to muggings, searching for Pokémon is dangerous business when you’re fixated on your smartphone’s screen not concentrating on the world around you.

There’s also a serious lack of gameplay and depth to the app. I have no doubt in a few months Pokémon Go will end up like Flappy Bird as just another fad.


It may not be the best game ever made, but Pokémon Go is much more than just another Flappy Bird.

It brings people together, creates friendships and is an overwhelmingly positive experience. Kids are getting out of their bedrooms, going outside and getting fresh air and exercise as they go hunting with their friends.

For old fogeys like me, it also offers a nostalgic trip back in time. 20 years after Pokémon originally came out, it’s great to be catching Pikachu and Jigglypuff again. The gameplay may be a little shallow, but I still play it everyday and have a lot of fun.


Do you agree with James that Pokémon Go is a massive waste of time?

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Have your say in the debate and let us know your thoughts on Pokémon in the comments below or tweet us @trustedreviews.

Gavin Dowd

August 10, 2016, 3:50 pm

Saying a game is a waste of time is like saying playing all video games is a waste of time full stop - they don't actually accomplish anything productive. They are recreational and from that point of view Pokemon Go is like any other game as long as you are having fun then it is not a waste of time.


August 10, 2016, 4:48 pm

This man knows what it's about. You can say that for pretty much any passtime really. I think this has a lot more merit to Go, though, than say Candy Crush. I've found the social element of it fascinating.

James Laird

August 10, 2016, 4:54 pm

Wholeheartedly agree, and I also agree with what Evan says (up to a point) that it's no different from other passive pastimes like watching football or going to the cinema. But there's artistry involved in making quality films and good video games, and the end result of that creative process is to be admired. Poké Go offers none of that – it takes a popular existing concept and shoves it on your phone in an addictive but ultimately unrewarding way.

Even the good Mr K admits that it's a bit rubbish, but apparently that's perversely part of why it's good? Nah, not buying it – 'it's so crap it's actually good' only applies to The Room. Ever.

Brek Brek

August 12, 2016, 7:09 am

Its the collecting that is the appeal. i dont think you can use terms like gameplay in relation to po/go. It has got me out of the house, I walked 10k yesterday, how is that a bad thing?

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