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Plusnet Pro Prioritises Your Traffic [Updated]

David Gilbert


Plusnet Pro Prioritises Your Traffic [Updated]

Plusnet has announced a new bolt-on to help heavy broadband users make sure that no matter how busy the network is, their service will remain consistent.

Plusnet Pro is a new service available to Plusnet Value and Extra customers costing £5-a-month extra and promises to prioritise your traffic and maintain a “reliable and stable connection at full speed across the entire day.” The service is aimed at gamers and home workers and having a prioritisation service means customers are guaranteed lower latency, so no matter how busy the network gets there will be no slowdown to their service. Of course what this means for everyone else’s service remains to be seen. Jamie Ford, CEO of Plusnet, said: “Just like paying a little extra to do a fast check-in at the airport, Plusnet Pro is for users who want to ensure the best possible internet experience even at busy times. With Fibre not yet available in many areas of the country this is the best service accessible to all the market to ensure lower latency and that you get the fastest speeds available to you regardless of when you're online.”

Managing capacity at peak times is a serious issue for all ISPs with most users experience a severe slow down during those hours. The area of traffic management or net neutrality has become more and more important in recent years and the policies of various ISPs regarding this have been scrutinised by Ofcom as the broadband infrastructure in the UK has come under a lot of strain. Plusnet published its Traffic Management Policy on its website and it says it uses “traffic management extensively to ensure our customers get a reliable home service that at the same time is cost effective.” It currently prioritises VoIP services such as Skype or FaceTime over browsing or streaming to ensure continued service. However with the new Plusnet Pro service now on offer, it remains to be seen how this will affect non-subscribers.

We’ve been in touch with Plusnet regarding the possible impact the Pro service will have on other regular users and we’ll let you know what they say as soon as we hear from them.

Update: Plusnet has been back onto us and assured customers that the Pro bolt-on won't affect the regular users:

"We’ve boosted our network and increased the bandwidth available to provide Pro. Our core products will not suffer as a result of this development, it is about offering customers more choice. We continue to actively use traffic management over our network so that users needing more time dependent services, e.g. iPlayer, Skype have priority over those using less time dependent services."

Source: Plusnet


May 5, 2011, 6:58 pm

Could VM be doing it also?

On a related to BB/ISPs subject: What happened to the wholesale of Virgin Media's BB to rival ISPs like Plusnet?

I thought the 'efficient' private sector hasn't been very efficient on this!

Could the TR's Tech newshounds get on the trail of this story please.


May 5, 2011, 7:29 pm

We'll see what we can do.


May 5, 2011, 8:13 pm

Our ISP has been using traffic shaping for a while now. I believe you can also see it kick in at times, eg. Unless speedtest.net graph is totally wrong, when first connecting I'll say get a constant 15Mbps for a few seconds, and then it will drop to 10Mbps. Seems odd ISP doing this, you would have thought they would prioritise that traffic, especially as the results can get submitted. ps. DSL is still linked at 18Mbps so it's not downspeeding the link it's the ISP's end.


May 5, 2011, 8:38 pm

Sounds like a nice idea, but what happens if everyone were to think a good idea and everyone pay the extra £5! :P


May 6, 2011, 4:23 am

Well my good friend, the people crow for Plusnet Pro 'Plus', which will prioritize your traffic over and above Plusnet Pro customers! Plusnet makes more money, yaada yaada yaada, shareholders win!


(This comment was posted while the post was repeated in a Peter Griffin voice stylé)

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