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Plex just landed on Kodi and suddenly the world seems alright again


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Following the blockbuster announcement from Netflix regarding offline playback, the makers of the popular Plex Media Player have revealed it is now available as an add on for the equally versatile Kodi platform.

The Plex for Kodi add-on can now be downloaded in preview form for Plex Pass members.

Plex hopes fans of both platforms will enjoy the opportunity to combine the server discovery tools, user switching, and the library browsing experience with the additional settings offered through Kodi.

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In a post on the Plex blog the firm wrote: “We’ve been working closely with some of the best Kodi add-on developers in the world to create an awesome, fully-immersive Plex experience within Kodi. Seriously: once you’re up and running, you’ll never know it’s not Plex!

“You get the same Plex server discovery, user switching, gorgeous library browsing, and media playback experience you know and love, plus a few (okay, a few dozen) more settings to tweak to your heart’s content.”

In an FAQ the company reveals it is debuting some “new thinking” as relates to the add-on’s user interface and says it will become official “any minute.”

However, the firm did not reveal exactly when it would be opening up the Plex for Kodi add on to all users.

If you’re a Plex Pass member ($4.99 per month, $39.99 a year or $149.99 for life) you can download it here.

A membership offers the opportunity to record free HDTRV via a DVR as well as syncing for movies music and photos for offline use.

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December 1, 2016, 6:31 pm

What is Kodi?

OK, I read about it (I used to use XBMC), but so what? I run a Plex Media Server and my SmartTV has a built-in Plex app. Why would I want to run Plex on top of a Kodi installation?


December 2, 2016, 3:08 am

The question is:
What are the benefits of running Plex from Kodi, when you can run Plex on its own on the same device?
Example: if you are using Kodi on the PC, Plex runs on Windows, if your Kodi is on a standalone box running Android, you can download and run Plex from the Playstore etc...
Am I missing something here?

Nick Jones

December 2, 2016, 6:06 pm

The only thing I could think of is if Plex was using Kodi as a player. I like Plex but the transcoding just does not work with at least 50 percent of my content. Either there is no audio or no sound or the file is the wrong bitrate and won't play at all. With Kodi on the other hand I can play virtually everything all the way back to some old 3GP cell phone videos and they look great. Plus Kodi plays them natively and so no transcoding is necessary. I understand where transcoding is needed for conversion to mobile for file size and compression, but it also requires a lot of processing power. Kodi is a lightweight player that has become my media player of choice.

Nick Jones

December 2, 2016, 6:09 pm

That's what I've been trying to figure out. I mean if this meant that Plex was using Kodi for file format compatibility this would be great for Plex. But as is they seem like two different competing in a way formats. Kodi is by far the superior player when it comes to file compatibility, but Plex's offerings of transcoding for on the go and DVR are nice. Would be great if they were one in the same, but Kodi is free and Plex requires a license.


December 2, 2016, 8:31 pm

Thanks Nick,
So you would see benefits in this setup? I have tried yesterday and it works fine, I just could not see any difference in running Plex inside Kodi from just Running Plex as a native Android app.

I did not get to try different types of videos on both scenarios.

Let me know if it worked for you and was able to play everything from within Kodi.
Good day


March 5, 2017, 1:27 am

because some tv's cannot run kodi only plex so having plex app already on a tv you can run kodi now without installing kodi on the tv.

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