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Philips Launches GoGear Connect 3 With Wi-Fi

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Philips Launches GoGear Connect 3 With Wi-Fi

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In addition to a range of new TVs and Android speaker docks, Philips has today announced a new flagship addition to its GoGear range of portable media players.

The Philips’ GoGear Connect 3 builds on the promise of earlier incarnations by adding Wi-Fi connectivity to the mix alongside a generous list of enhanced music and video playback features, including the ability to play 720p HD video.

Using Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread OS, the GoGear Connect 3 is equally at home surfing the web as it is downloading apps or games from the Android Marketplace, just so long as you’re in range of a Wi-Fi signal. Philips GoGear Connect

Being an Android device it also comes with the usual remit of Google-owned apps – including Search, Gmail and YouTube – pre-installed direct from the box. And of course, you can also choose to customise your home page as you see fit.

Unlike the original GoGear Connect that was announced around about this time last year, the new model uses a capacitive 3.2in touchscreen as opposed to the resistive one it first launched with, which should make for a better overall user experience.

GoGear Connect

Adding further to its feature set is the ability to hook up to DLNA enabled devices through the Philips SimplyShare app that comes bundled with it. You can even use it as a mass storage device, should you wish to.

Audio capabilities are well catered for too with the player sporting the full range of Philips FullSound, Sound Personalisation and Surround for Movies technology. In addition, it also comes with Philips Songbird software that enables you to sync your GoGear with your PC and manage your files between the two.

So far so good, but does all this add up to a potential iPod Touch killer? Keep your eyes peeled for a forthcoming TrustedReviews review where we’ll be sure to let you know.

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