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PES 2015 demo delayed

Sam Loveridge


PES 2015

Konami has announced that the PES 2015 demo has been delayed, but hasn’t quite confirmed when you’ll be able to play it in Europe.

The PES 2015 demo was expected to launch today, September 17 but the early look has been delayed across the world.

The PS3, PS4 and Xbox One PES 2015 demo will be available in Japan on September 18 and on September 23 in the US.

However, gamers in the UK won’t get access until a later date. Konami promises that the European PES 2015 release date “will be announced shortly”.

The news comes just a week after the FIFA 15 demo was released for Xbox One and PS4.

The FIFA 15 demo lets you play as two of the Premier League teams – Liverpool and Manchester City. The demo actually opens with a match between the two teams.

It also gives you a first taste of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode, where there’s a few pre-made teams made up of the world’s finest players.

PES 2015 will feature a fresh shooting system, reworked close control jinking runs and bespoke player dribbling skills.

The game will launch for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on the PES 2015 release date on November 13.

FIFA 15 will be out way before then, with a release date scheduled for September 26. It will launch for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

EA’s latest football sim iteration features a number of player improvements, enhanced ball physics and player emotions. There’s also better crowd reactions and evolving pitches that degrade as the matches progress.

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Sabbir Syed

September 17, 2014, 9:56 pm

How come we have to get this information on the launch day?! Wanted to try PES 15 before getting FIFA 15. But that's not possible anymore as I already pre-ordered it and PES 15 demo coming out on the 26th in north America.

damon herring

September 21, 2014, 9:51 am

So 4 days on since the official launch of pes 15 and still no explanation from konami about when it is going to be released in Europe I have to say i am absolutely disgusted with konami for this and extremely angry i was really looking forward to playing this years because its the first installment of the pes series which will hit next gen consoles and being a pes fan its exciting and from what i have read on this game about games com with it being rated best sports game of the year and seeing gameplay footage it was really appealing as last years was absolutely crap in fact the worst one of all of them in terms of gameplay i was going to forget about fifa this year as every year it just has the same old same old factor about it same graphics and gameplay virtually same but yet ea just makes up these technical pants oh new this new that new control system new tackling dynamics ect ect but they still never seem like a new game but however i downloaded the fifa 15 demo to give it a go and i must say i am impressed sure it got that same old feel but it isn't until you play a few more matches and begin to realise its quicker pace passing more smoother crossing is gorgeous and the shooting has a slight better feel to it along with a little boost to the graphics the grass gradually deteriorates as the match goes on with boot marks on the pitch to long stretched gashes from previous sliding tackles and the old school grass and mud stains on the kits left from the previous challenges i am seriously considering fifa next Thursday because 1: the delay of pes 15 demo 2: demo release date has been confirmed everywhere else except Europe 😠 3: 4 days and still no announcements 😠 and finally 4: pes has messed up big time and has left me doubtful and concerned for the reason of delay usually games that get delayed have a tonne of problems and usually result in a poor game and the fact the demo was delayed er what demo ! Really ? A demo delayed there is defo something not right there so well done KONAMI !!!!! Sorry for such a long rant but being pes fan more than fifa in disappointed and the stuff about fifa mention seriously to those who haven't played new fifa 15 at least try it you never know you might agree with what i mentioned and i only said all this because its true don't you all think this is odd a delayed demo and no explanation ? And totally agree with sabbir syed HOW COME WE HAD TO GET THIS INFO ON LAUNCH DAY !

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