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Peeple founder says it’ll be ‘a positivity app’ following backlash



The co-founder of the controversial people-rating tool Peeple has promised her creation will be the ‘world’s largest positivity app.’

Julia Cordray received an almighty backlash after reports claiming her ‘Yelp for People’ app could be used to give star ratings to people without their permission.

After shutting down its social media accounts following a tirade of ‘abuse’ and even death threats, Cordray has painted herself as a crusader for kindness and says the app will be 100 per cent positive.

In a change of tack, she said Peeple will require users to opt-in and will only allow positive comments. She says users will have to approve recommendations before they’re posted, while unapproved posts will not be visible.

“I have surrounded myself with positive people for 34 years and I don’t plan on changing it now,” she wrote on LinkedIn.

That’s why Peeple is focused on the positive and ONLY THE POSITIVE as a 100% OPT-IN system. You will NOT be on our platform without your explicit permission. There is no 48 hour waiting period to remove negative comments. There is no way to even make negative comments. Simply stated, if you don’t explicitly say “approve recommendation”, it will not be visible on our platform.

“I want the world to be positive and this is how I’m going to inspire it by creating the world’s largest positivity app.”

It’s ironic that Cordray chose to deliver her tweaked message through LinkedIn because, effectively that's now what she is attempting to create, only on a personal not professional level.

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Are you willing to give the app a chance when it launches in November? Share your thoughts below.

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