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PAYG 4GEE Mobile Broadband unveiled

Sam Loveridge


4GEE PAYG tariffs
4GEE PAYG tariffs

EE has launched the first Pay As You Go 4GEE Mobile Broadband tariffs, allowing simplified super fast broadband payments.

Super fast mobile 4G broadband can now be accessed on a PAYG basis with the new tablet and smartphone plans from EE.

“PAYG 4GEE Mobile Broadband means you can get superfast 4GEE internet access on your tablet or laptop whenever you like - and only pay as you use it", explains EE in a statement.

A PAYG 4G SIM can be purchased for £15 with 2GB of data pre-loaded for 30 days of use.

“A great way to enjoy superfast 4GEE on your tablet or laptop is with a Mobile Wi-FI device - like the Alcatel Y800 which comes pre-loaded with 3GB worth of data. It’s like being surrounded by your own travelling ‘bubble of 4G’.”

The Alcatel L800 UB dongle is priced at £50 with that 2GB of data and will last for 30 days. When purchased, the user can also sign up for an additional 6GB of data for the same price at a 2GB bundle.

The PAYG Mobile Wi-Fi device, the Alcatel Y800 Mobile, also comes with 2GB of data for a £70 one-off fee. As with the dongle, a 6GB data bundle can be purchased for the 2GB bundle price.

Users can top up by the day or the month. It’s £3 per day for an additional 500MB of data. Extra monthly allowances cost £15 for 2GB, £20 for 4GB and £30 for 10GB of data.

The 4G PAYG tariffs are available starting from today, alongside the newly launched double speed 4G connections across twelve British cities.

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October 16, 2013, 1:20 pm

It's a total scam. Why pay £30 for 10GB when you can have unlimited internet many times faster for £20 a month?

10GB is only about 4 films worth of data, that won't last a month for most people using a laptop that want to stream videos.

Their customer support is the worst I've ever come across, And they charge you to call them when you want to leave your contract.

I had an unlimited contract with them for £10 a month and they cut me off and wasted hours of my time calling them before they admitted to cutting me off even, 2 customer support reps told me they would never cut me off.

Its a scam company that will cause you a lot of hassle.

Mike Ridley

May 5, 2014, 7:53 am

Why is it EE Group think this is Pay as You Go ?
To me it is line rental for 30 days.
PaYG is top up the sim card with whatever amount and until you have actually used that credit in calls, text or whatever, it stays on there until used.
Not only for 30 days.
I have a sim card from Virgin and until i use it the credit stays there.

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