Overwatch Lunar New Year Event – All the details you need

Overwatch’s next seasonal event is upon us, celebrating the Lunar New Year with a series of new skins, sprays, emotes and more.

After a series of leaks and teasers from Blizzard themselves, the event is now active across PS4, Xbox One and PC, complete with a festive makeover that’ll kick in the second you launch the game.

We’ve compiled a bunch of details regarding the new event, so read on to find out all you need to know.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event – When is it?

Lunar New Year is being celebrating across all platforms right now, and it’ll be around until February 13, Blizzard has confirmed.


Overwatch Lunar New Year Event Modes – Anything new?

As is usually the case with seasonal events, Blizzard has introduced a new game mode to mark the occasion. This time around we have Capture The Rooster, a clever twist on the classic point-based skirmish set on a revamped version of Lijiang Tower. More is explained in the official trailer.

Players must “get creative with their team compositions as they attempt to construct a lineup that’s simultaneously built for offensive speed and defensive stability.” Depending on how the new mode is received, it may be added to the Arcade playlist in the coming months.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Skins – Who gets one?

We’re genuinely surprised at how fully-fledged Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event truly is, matching both Christmas and Halloween in terms of sheer content. The majority of characters have been treated with a slew of exclusive goodies, whether it be a new skin, spray or emote. As of now until the event’s conclusion, each lootbox will feature one new item, ensuring you won’t miss out on some of the limited spoils.

Once February 13th rolls around, you won’t be able to gain any Lunar New Year items through loot boxes or in-game currency. For now, we’ve compiled some of our favourite new skins below.


Will you be jumping into the Lunar New Year Event? Let us know in the comments below!