Overwatch has a free weekend coming up for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Blizzard Entertainment has announced a free weekend coming for Overwatch across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The upcoming trial will take place from Friday, February 16 until February 19 on all platforms. Meaning you’ve got three whole days to join in the chaos.

All of your progress will carry over to the full game if you’re a new player. This will include your level and all associated cosmetic upgrades for heroes.

This trial also comes alongside Overwatch’s Year of the Dog event, which is taking place until March 5. During the occasion you can earn a number of limited edition items.

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Overwatch is a fantastic shooter that has matured in a lot of ways since its initial May 2016 release. Updates have seen new heroes, maps, modes and cosmetics added, and all for free.

Its lovable characters and incredibly deep gameplay mechanics have helped craft a shooter that’s hard to pass up. You can find a snippet of our 9/10 review below:

“If, like me, you’ve recently fallen out of love with online first-person shooters, play Overwatch long enough for it to deliver one of its many standout moments and you’ll be renewing your vows in no time.”

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