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Osram Lightify smart lightbulbs to compete with Phililps Hue

Sam Loveridge


Osram Lightify

Osram, the industry leader for all things lightbulbs, has launched the Osram Lightify smart lightbulb range.

The new Lightify range comprises of three bulb and a special gateway that connects with the Osram Lightify mobile app.

Just like the Philips Hue range, the Osram Lightify coloured bulb lets you create a bespoke lighting theme, with 16 million colours on offer.

The coloured bulb retails for £39.99, which is £10 less than the Philips Hue alternative, with the Lightify Gateway priced at £39.99 as well.

You can pick up a tunable white bulb for £29.99 or even a white spotlight for £29.99, giving you a bit more variety in colours and price than Osram's competitors.

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"Lightify lets consumers exploit the wide-ranging possibilities of light, in a simply and easy way, promoting feelings of safety and security, overall wellbeing and of course the opportunity to have lots of fun," explained Timon Rupp, CEO of the Lightify Innoventure Group.

We also like the fact the app lets you take a picture of things in your home to perfectly match the colour of your bulbs to them.

The Lightify Gateway supports up to 50 lightbulbs installed across your home.

Osram has confirmed the Lightify range will be available from Tesco and other selected retailers from sometime this summer 2015.

Prem Desai

May 31, 2015, 11:39 am

Good to see some competition to the Philips Hue system which is excellent but ridiculously priced.

The Osram system doesn't seem to bring anything new to the party really - just slightly cheaper.

Both the Hue and Lightify systems have the same weakness in my opinion - an additional gateway box. More wires, more config, more reliability issues and more radio waves to cause interference. They already have the transmitter and receiver circuits to talk to their gateway - why not modify this so it talks to your router/wi-fi directly..??

I think the Lifx concept is better where the wi-fi bits are already built into the bulb so all you need is wi-fi which just about everybody has. Having said that, the Lifx price is even more ridiculous that the Hue system - for now.


June 2, 2015, 5:46 am

Is there really much call for that sort of thing? I can already get a lightbulb that knows how to do everything a lightbulb would ever need to do for a mere five bucks or less at the local hardware store, no apps required. Sixty bucks seems a bit pricey for a novelty item.

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