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Orbitsound T12 Gets Colourful Covers

David Gilbert


Orbitsound T12 Gets Colourful Covers

When we looked at the third iteration of the Orbitsound T12 soundbar we were impressed not only with its excellent sound quality but also its premium look. However black is not for everyone and so Orbitsound has launched a range of replaceable covers to suit most tastes.

Orbitsound Colours offer a choice of seven interchangeable fronts for the company’s soundbar. The colours is broken up into two ranges, one for the more brash listener and one for the more discerning eye. The Bold collection comprises of covers coloured Pillar Box Red, Mustard or Plum while the Ambient collection comprises Pistachio, Ivory, Pebble, and Duck Egg. According to Orbitsound the Pebble is the best selling cover so far.

We managed to have a look at the new covers last night and the build quality and ease with which they can be changed certainly doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the T12.

“Orbitsound has proven itself as a fantastic sound upgrade to flat screen TVs, and we wanted to provide our customers with the option to personalise the look of the soundbar, to match the style of their homes. The Orbitsound Colours range brings a splash of personality and style to suit a wide range of different tastes” said John Cameron, COO at Orbitsound.

The covers are currently only available at the Ideal Homes Show which is taking place in London at the moment costing £29.99 each, however if you purchase the T12 at the show you’ll get a couple of spare covers for free.

The Colours Range will be available generally from next week.

Source: Orbitsound

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