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Orange Offers Cut-Price Roaming

David Gilbert


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If you are planning on travelling abroad for your holidays this summer, one of the things you will undoubtedly be wary of is using your smartphone or tablets, due to exorbitant data roaming costs.

Orange however is trying to ease the pain a little with its new EU Daily Mobile Internet Browsing Bundle. While the European Commission are attempting to introduce lower data roaming costs by 2015, that won’t really help those of us travelling on holidays in the coming weeks. Orange’s offer allows Pay Monthly, dongle and small business customers to pay £3-a-day for 30MB of data. If a customers doesn’t use any data on a particular day, they won’t pay, so Orange believe this bundle is “ideal for purchasing before going on holiday and using as and when it is needed.”

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Orange also state that 30MB of data per day is enough for 99.5 percent of its customers. A word of warning however, if you do breach the 30MB limit you’ll be back paying £3.07 per MB - so you may want to keep away from streaming movies while on holiday. Orange also recently refreshed its monthy and 30 day bundles with Pay Monthly customers given the option of £15/30MB, £50/150MB or £150/500MB monthly bundles for EU visits. These can also be purchased as 30-day bundles, which you can use as and when you need.

Vodafone offers similar deals with 25MB for £2-a-day in Europe or £5-a-day globally however other operators like Three and O2 don’t give customers much choice when travelling.

To take advantage of the offer from Orange, Pay Monthly customers should call customer services by dialling 150 at home or abroad.

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