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Orange Launches New iContract

David Gilbert


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For some technology fans the world may as well be one giant apple-shaped orb, and anything without the Apple logo can be chucked on the dump for all they care. And it’s for this exact group of people that Orange has come up with its new price plan.

Orange has announced the first iPad 2 and iPhone 4 ‘connected’ plan which combines voice, data and text for both devices in one package. Obviously voice and text only apply to the iPhone but the 2GB of data can be shared between both devices. Orange is advertising this promotion with the fact that for just £99 you can get an iPhone 4 and and iPad 2 – both in either black or white. What a bargain eh? Surely there must be some catch? Well of course there is. In order to take advantage of this offer you have to hand over £65 every month for the next 24 months and for that £99 pounds you’ll only get the 16GB phone and 16GB tablet. If you fancy boosting storage on both the 32GB iPhone and 64GB iPad 2 can be obtained for the princely sum of £299.

iPhone Ipad Connected Deal

Following some feverish calculations, we’ve worked out that to get the larger models you will end up shelling out £1,859 over the course of two years – oh and add on £50 if you’re not already a Orange customer. For your £65 a month you’ll get 600 minutes talk time and unlimited texts to go with the 2GB of data, which should be enough for most people. Orange also launched a couple of BlackBerry price plans including Orange 10 and Orange 15 which, surprise surprise, will cost £10 and £15 per month. For that you get and a limited amount of minutes, data and text and a free 8520 on the £10 plan but mystifyingly no free handset with the more expensive plan.

We’re sure there will be a lot of people out there who will like the idea of getting the new iDevices in one swoop and have both of them on one contract but at £65-a-month we hope that living in an Apple-flavoured world will be worth it.

Source: Orange

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