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Orange Launches First Mobile Contactless Payment Service

David Gilbert


Orange Quick Tap

Orange and Barclaycard have teamed up to launch the UK’s first contactless mobile phone payment service called Quick Tap – but there are some limitations.

While NFC technology and contactless payment is slowly but surely becoming mainstream, this move by Orange is the first step towards our phones replacing our wallets. The Quick Tap system works on MasterCard’s PayPass system and requires you to have a Barclays Bank debit or credit card or alternatively you could use a credit card from Orange itself. While NFC chips are not exactly standard in even high-end phones yet, the Quick Tap system works thanks to Gemalto’s SIM-based NFC compatibility which allows phones without the NFC chip make contactless payments anyway. And the first phone to allow use of Quick Tap? Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the Samsung Tocco Lite (ok so maybe you didn’t guess it).

The Tocco Lite Quick Tap will be available on pay-as-you-go and monthly contracts and more handsets are due to follow shortly. The contactless system will be able to make transactions up to £15 and users will be able to top up credit on the phone by up to £100 at a time, up to a total value of £150 – this is to limit any possible loss, which, if it did occur, would be borne by Barclays. Transferring funds is done by way of the Quick Pay app on the phone. Mobile payments will be accepted at stores nationwide including Pret a Manger, EAT, Little Chef, Wembley Arena, Subway, Wilkinson and McDonalds where contactless payments are currently accepted.

We certainly welcome this move as the first step in making contactless payments more ubiquitous and hopefully carriers, banks and phone manufacturers will make the system more widespread sooner rather than later.

Source: Orange

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