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OnLive Goes Live In UK

David Gilbert


OnLive Goes Live In UK

Last June, OnLive promised to bring its game streaming service to the UK by September, and today it is keeping that promise.

Launched last night, the service is available to everyone in the UK today - though you will need at least a 2Mbps connection, with OnLive recommending at least 5Mbps.

BT has been announced as a preferred partner with BT Total and BT Infinity customers getting three months free PlayPack subscription (worth £20.97) – as long as they sign up here, before 31 January, 2012.

BT customers will also get their first individual Full PlayPass OnLive game purchase for £1 if bought before 11:59pm on 9 October, 2012, usually priced at between £1 and £39.99.

The service, for those who don’t know, allows gamers to play high-profile titles with the hardware sitting in the cloud. The service is available on most PCs and Macs as well as internet-connected TVs using a MicroConsole TV Adapter to which you can connect most PC controllers or OnLive’s own Wireless Controller.

OnLive UK

OnLive also has an iPad app (and an Android one on the way) but these will only let you view previews of games or send messages to friends in the OnLive community.

However the HTC Flyer will be the first tablet which will let you play the games on your mobile device, following HTC’s $40 million investment in the cloud gaming platform.

OnLive has said that latency will not be an issue in the UK but users will be concerned that extended play will eat up their monthly data allowance, with one hours play with a 2Mbps stream using almost 1GB and at the higher recommended rate of 5Mbps, you’ll be using around 2.25GB per hour.

BT Total/Infinity customers will not have to worry about this until after 2 January, 2012 as the provider said OnLive user would not count towards your usage total.

Will you be signing up for OnLive or will the latency/data usage/internet connection concerns prevent you from getting on board?

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