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OnLive Gaming Coming To UK This Autumn

David Gilbert


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OnLive, the cloud gaming platform, is celebrating its first birthday by announcing it will be bringing its service to the UK this autumn.

The OnLive UK website has gone live and a timer is currently counting down to 8pm on 7 June when UK users will be able to sign-up to the service and claim their player tags prior to the service launching in the autumn. The service, for those who don’t know, allows gamers to play high-profile titles with the hardware sitting in the cloud. The service is available on most PCs and Macs as well as internet-connected TVs using a MicroConsole TV Adapter to which you can connect most PC controllers or OnLive’s own Wireless Controller. OnLive also has an iPad app (and an Android one on the way) but these will only let you view previews of games or send messages to friends in the OnLive community. However the HTC Flyer will be the first tablet which will let you play the games on your mobile device, following HTC’s $40 million investment in the cloud gaming platform.

OnLive UK

"In just one year, OnLive's offerings have advanced more rapidly and in more dimensions than any new game platform in history, while maintaining rock-solid reliability," commented CEO and founder Steve Perlman. "OnLive's cloud gaming technology allows OnLive and its partners to move at an unprecedented pace with a scope of new offerings that is simply not possible with traditional videogame technology. The best is yet to come." OnLive will have a major presence at E3 next week where it will launch its 100th game, Red Faction Armageddon, as well as show off new Facebook integration. This will allow you to launch games directly from the social networking site, post Brag Clips to your newsfeed and even let friends watch as you game in high definition.

OnLive has had a lot of success of in the US since launch and there is nothing to suggest it won’t enjoy a similar level of success on this side of the Atlantic. With the addition of gaming on tablets adding more options for gamers, OnLive could see us beginning to see a shift from having to have games consoles in our home to housing them all in the cloud.

Source: OnLive Blog

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