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Onkyo Updates Blu-ray Range With BD-SP809

David Gilbert


Onkyo BD-SP809

Onkyo has announced its latest Blu-ray player, which seeks to improve on previous offerings by adding network connectivity and 3D support.

Last year we looked at the BD-SP807 from Onkyo and it was the first Blu-ray deck to be launched in the UK with THX certification. Since then the BD-SP808 has been released but now Onkyo has made some serious improvements with the new BD-SP809. The new model retains the THX certification “in recognition of its superior build quality, versatile functionality, and high performance levels.”

Onkyo BD-SP809

Another feature, which made previous models in the range stand out, was their sheer bulk, weighing in at over 5kg. Well Onkyo must believe that bigger is better, as the new model weighs in at a backbreaking 6kg thanks to high-grade construction, which incorporates separate blocks for video/audio circuitry, 19mm pitch, gold-plated analogue audio outputs (for use with esoteric audiophile interconnects) and a vibration-reducing top cover. Despite it’s bulk the BD-SP809 retains the design aesthetic of the previous models – which we like so much – even adding to the minimalist feel with a less cluttered faceplate.

The new model has done away with the SD card slot from the previous models and replaced it with a much more useful USB port from which you can play back music and video content. There is also dual HDMI ports available which can be linked to two displays (TV and projector) allowing you to easily switch between the two.

Onkyo BD-SP809

We complained about the lack of network connectivity in previous iterations of the range and it’s addition here is welcome. The BD-SP809 can be used, with a local area network, to stream videos, music, and photos stored on a DLNA 1.5-certified media server. The new model will also play the latest 3D-encoded Blu-ray discs as well as virtually all the major types of CD and DVD - including those encoded with formats such as DivX HD, MP3, and WMA.

The Onkyo BD-SP809 Blu-ray player will be available in either silver or black this August for £499.

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