OnePlus 6 expected to have Apple iPhone X level facial recognition tech

More advanced facial recognition tech is predicted to come with the OnePlus 6, building upon the Face Unlock feature in the OnePlus 5T.

Despite the OnePlus 5T launching only a month ago, a tipster has told Android Marvel that the as-yet-unannounced or teased OnePlus 6 will feature an upgraded version of Face Unlock that’s able to do a lot more than just unlock the OnePlus 5T through facial recognition.

The tipster noted that OnePlus will be looking at having Face Unlock be more like Apple’s Face ID technology found in the iPhone X, with the ability to authenticate payments and carry out other secure functions which it can’t do at the moment.

But the iPhone X features a suite of sensors in its polarising screen notch in order to carry out rapid and secure facial recognition, which would go some way to justify its £999 price tag.

OnePlus’ handsets on the other hand have always been able to undercut the both Android and iPhone flagship phones.

But if OnePlus adds in a load more sensor tech into its next flagship handset then it may see its production costs increase likely meaning an increase in the phone’s price and therefore a dent in the appeal of OnePlus devices.

However, OnePlus could instead improve the software side of its facial recognition tech making it better at identifying a legitimate user in a secure fashion.

Of course, this is all speculation upon a tip-off that may not hold any credence. But we’d be surprised if OnePlus didn’t bring some tech upgrades to its next-generation handset especially when stiff competition is expected in the Android arena in the form of Samsung’s Galaxy S9.

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