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There’s a new OnePlus 3 model, and it launches today


OnePlus 3 Soft Gold
The new 'Soft Gold' colour option for the OnePlus 3

The OnePlus 3 has only been out for just over a month, but it’s already getting a snazzy new makeover.

OnePlus is launching a new “limited edition” colour option for the OnePlus 3 today in the US – ‘Soft Gold’. The colour variant was teased last month, but is now finally available to buy through the OnePlus online store. Until now, the phone has only been available in the default ‘Graphite’ colour.

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Check out Soft Gold in the launch video below:

“Looking for a fresh coat of paint? Take a look at the new colour variant of the OnePlus 3 – Soft Gold,” writes OnePlus. “Instead of pushing a gaudy gold, the Soft Gold’s claims to fame are its elegant look and silky-smooth texture. You’ll have to experience the OnePlus 3 Soft Gold for yourself to understand what sets it apart."

The OnePlus 3 was revealed on June 14, 2016 during a virtual reality launch event, and (despite its name) is the fourth phone ever produced by OnePlus. The handset features a Snapdragon 820 chip, 6GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage, marking it as seriously high-end.

In our review, the OnePlus 3 scored an impressive 9/10. We praised its high-quality build, excellent heat-handling, great value, and solid camera. It currently costs £329 in the UK.

The OnePlus 3 in Soft Gold is available in the US from today (12:00 ET), and in the UK from August 1 (12:00 CET). OnePlus has not yet confirmed how many units will be available for the limited run of 'Soft Gold' globally.

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Brian Vaz

July 26, 2016, 11:12 am

I am waiting since last 1 month to buy this phone (not specific to gold colour).. But when I was just about to book it, there were users complaining about the RAM usage, etc. Now that it is resolved, there is an outcry about the battery drain issue. One+3 UK forums are flooded with questions about the data connectivity issues (phone switching to 3G all the time). The frustrating thing is that all reviewers are focusing on aesthetics of this phone and not giving the readers much insight about the validity of issues in One+3. Can some reviewer please test this phone in UK on 3 and some other network and confirm if this performs the basic functions of a cells well after the update ??


July 27, 2016, 4:37 pm

Had mine for a couple of weeks now. Had 2 updates, the latest one came yesterday. I am absolutely loving it. Not had any problems with mine so far with signal. Today after the update my battery has been pretty good (listening to quite a bit of music while at work, little bit of Pokemon go on lunch and it's at 75%). I believe the battery drain was down to the fingerprint sensor going off while in your pocket. They have now fixed this so it uses the proximity sensor to tell if it's in a pocket like it does when it's next to your head. Even before my battery was reasonable so didn't bother me. Can't recommend this phone highly enough!

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