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OnePlus 2 to be available to all on Black Friday weekend


OnePlus Black Friday

OnePlus has revealed that it will be selling its current flagship phone, the OnePlus 2, to anyone who wants one on Black Friday.

OnePlus revealed the news of this open offer in a recent tweet. "Starring the #OnePlus2. #BlackFriday: Unlimited is coming to a oneplus.net near you," it reads.

Now, 'smartphone maker to sell phone' might not sound like a particularly special offer, but in the case of Chinese manufacturer OnePlus it most certainly is.

You see, while the OnePlus 2 is a fine Android phone, the way in which you have to purchase it is rather maddening. Since its August launch, you've had to obtain an invite (through various means) in order to gain the right to buy one.

That's why the news that OnePlus is to open out sales of the OnePlus 2 for the upcoming Black Friday weekend is of such interest.

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From November 27 to November 30, you'll be able to go to the OnePlus website and buy a OnePlus 2 as you would any other phone. No waiting lists, no hoops to jump through.

OnePlus also promises "Holiday deals" for the Black Friday weekend, about which which we'll presumably find out more over the coming days. Given that the OnePlus X is also featured in the accompanying image, we presume that there'll be a related offer for the company's classy, compact alternative.

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