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‘OK Google’ is ‘OK Gone’ from the Chrome browser



Google seems to slimming down its Chrome web browser, judging by another feature being cut from the team.

Just days after the company announced its notifications centre would be sacked off, the firm released Chrome 46 without ‘OK Google’ voice commands (via VentureBeat).

The feature, which had been baked into the browser since May 2014, had enabled users to perform Google searches from Google.com.

The voice assistant has been popular on Android, but hasn’t quite found the same niche on desktop platforms where users are usually sat at their keyboards anyway.

Users will still be able to search by voice, but now they’ll have to click the microphone instead, which, you know, sort of defies the whole point.

The removal affects users on Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux, but the mobile and Chrome OS versions of the app will retain ‘OK Google’ access.

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Aside from the removal of ‘OK Google’ there’s little else to report in Chrome 46, aside from a few new developer features.

Is Google working towards a simpler, lighter version of Chrome, which is less memory sapping and does the basics well?

Moves to cut features deemed superfluous to requirements by users, would certainly suggest Google is trimming the fat from its popular web browsing tool.


October 17, 2015, 9:53 am

Someone must have taken the developers into a meeting room and begun bashing their heads together... perhaps it was "Edge" that made them realise that chrome was suffering the same arrogant bloat growth that sunk IE & most of Microsoft's popular products... chrome has become that "laggy mess" that chrome was installed to replace. During development ALL products should be tested with the "just because the latest devices can run more processes do we actually need to" question. The answer will normally be no.

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