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Ofcom Publishes Broadband Speed Map

David Gilbert


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Ofcom has released an interactive map of the UK giving people a chance to see how their area matches up against the rest of the country in terms of broadband availability and speed.

The publication of the map is part of the reporting requirements that the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport requires Ofcom to make under the Digital Economy Act. The information is split up by local authority and shows information on the availability of broadband services, including average modem sync speed, broadband take-up, super-fast broadband availability and details of those receiving less than 2Mbit/s. In relation to super-fast broadband availability, Ofcom is regarding this as being all of Virgin’s network and all telephone exchanges where FTTC is being deployed.

Ofcom ineractive broadband Map

The map allows you to easily compare different areas by colour coding each, representing rankings of 1 to 5. A data table has also been published which allows different local authorities to be compared based on their figures for each region. Of course the data has thrown up some very interesting results, such as the fact that the fastest average broadband speed (10.1Mbit/s) is available in Edinburgh. On the flip side, the lowest average broadband speed (4.3Mbit/s) is found in Fermanagh. The lowest percentage of people receiving less than 2Mbit/s are in Edinburgh and Bristol while over 35 percent of people in Cookstown are getting less than 2Mbit/s. In the UK, the highest take up of broadband is in Brighton, where over 80 percent of people are connected.

The data will make interesting reading for people around the UK, most of whom will probably now be looking to move to Edinburgh - now that it has been confirmed as having the fastest broadband in the UK.

Source: Ofcom


July 7, 2011, 5:14 pm

I am afraid Ofcom's latest pathetic efforts yet again demonstrate what a shitty job this quango continues to do. If the NoW hacking debacle and its recommendation to allow the Rupert Murdoc's takeover of BSkyB wasn't an example enough!

It should demand of the ISPs that they MUST deliver on average 90% of the contracted speed in each billing period. If it goes below that then the Customer will be given a refund by that amount, eg if the average is 80% then the Customer will get a 20% refund for that billing period.

Ofcom should also stipulate ISPs MUST provide to Customers an app that measures and records the BB speed within six months of Ofcom's edict.

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