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O2 To Create Europe’s Largest Free Wi-Fi Zone

David Gilbert


O2 Free WiFi London

Residents and visitors to certain parts of London will benefit from access to Europe’s largest free Wi-Fi zone thanks to a deal struck between Westminster City Council, the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and network operator, O2.

The deal won’t cost the councils or the taxpayer a penny according to a statement from O2 announcing the deal and should ensure that residents as well as visitors “have the best experience possible and can make the most of what London has to offer” and with the Olympics on the horizon the deal is very timely.

O2 Free WiFi London

Free Wi-Fi access will be available throughout Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea once the Metro wireless network is installed on the street furniture. It will initially be rolled out in a limited number of areas and then throughout the boroughs over the longer term. O2 will begin installing the network in January 2012.

Derek McManus, Chief Operating Officer for O2 said, “This ground-breaking deal - the first of its kind in the UK - will see us deliver high quality connectivity across London in time for London 2012. Our longer-term aim is to expand our footprint of O2 Wifi, which is open to everyone, and also intelligently enhance our services at street level, where people need the network the most.”

The quality of the Wi-Fi network won’t really be known until it is up and running, but anything that can take some of the strain off the under-pressure 3G network will be a welcome addition.

Source: O2

meeto 0

January 8, 2012, 5:46 pm

People keep referencing the olympics with regards to this news. I find it ironic that O2 plan to focus on westminster first instead of Newham and Hackney. Is it meant for the rich american, european and japanese tourists who, come June, have no plans to leave westminster except to watch the 100m final.

A Scotland

January 8, 2012, 10:01 pm

Presumably the reason it does not cost the Council or tax payer anything is because O2 are effectively getting very cheap London wide advertising. If it is anything like the diabolical free wifi services already in existence then it is nothing more than a nuisance. Your phone ends up latching onto a network without you knowing it and then you are left wondering why the internet is not working. Not usually particularly cynical about these things but in my experience O2 freebies are generally not worth the cost of a glass of tap water.

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