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O2 Network Down After Break-In

David Gilbert


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Early this morning an O2 network facility in east London was broken into resulting in customers across London, Kent and Essex losing coverage.

The intruders stole items from the East London site as well as vandalising it, causing a loss of network for customers in East London, North London, Kent and East Essex. This resulted in customers who are still unable to make or receive calls and texts or use data services. O2 has said on its blog that its engineers are currently onsite working on the problem however there is no estimated time for this to be fixed - though the network did add that it expected it to be sometime today. The break-in was discovered in the early hours of this morning and O2 called it “a well organised theft which targeted this operations site.”

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"We have extensive continuity plans which we are bringing into effect now. The nature of this theft has prevented us from restoring service immediately but we expect to do so today." A similar break-in took place last February when a Vodafone facility in Basingstoke was targeted resulting in a similar outage.

We will keep an eye on how this develops and let us know if you’ve been affected by this loss of coverage.

Source: O2 Blog

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