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Nvidia: Windows 8 Tablets Are Not PCs

David Gilbert


Nvidia: Windows 8 Tablets Are Not PCs

When Microsoft announced that the next version of Windows would run on ARM-based chips, one question which remained was whether we would end up seeing fully-fledged PCs running on these chips, or would Windows on ARM be limited to mobile devices.

At All Things D's AsiaD conference, the CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, told the audience that in his opinion, Windows on ARM should not be a PC. He told This is my next it was really important that Microsoft do not position Windows on ARM devices as PCs.

“From a finesse perspective, and I cannot speak on their [Microsoft's] behalf, I would come out with tablets first. It helps establish that this not a PC,” Huang said.

At last month’s BUILD conference we saw Windows 8 running on a variety of form factors, including tablets, laptops and PCs, and if the Nvidia boss’ comments are anything to go by, we won’t be seeing Tegra 3-powered PCs or laptops any time soon.

Huang went on to say that for him, compatibility with Office is of vital importance. “What people really want is Office to run on Windows on ARM. It’s the killer app. On PCs everything else is on the web or video games,” he said.

“I don’t believe there’s any reason to make Office 95 run on a Windows on ARM tablet. It would be wonderful if a new version of Office runs on ARM. It would be a requirement for me to be attracted to that device.”

The issue of legacy program support on ARM devices will be something which Microsoft will have to address sooner rather than later, as it could become a major sticking point for ARM devices succeeding when they finally appear towards the end of next year.

Source: This is my next

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