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Nvidia Turning Smartphones and Tablets into Wireless Games Consoles with Miracast



Nvidia has made quite an impression with its Tegra processors over recent years, with the multi-core SoCs finding their way into the likes of the HTC One X and Google Nexus 7. Now Nvidia is set to add an exciting new wireless standard to future devices.

The processor giant has revealed that it will add support for Miracast to its Tegra chips, which could render HDMI hook-ups between mobile and TV obsolete.

Miracast is a wireless standard that allows you to beam music, photos and even live images to a compatible HD TV or stereo. The Wi-Fi Alliance (of which Nvidia is a member) announced it at the end on May.

As you might expect from Nvidia, which is at heart a graphics specialist, the hope is that Miracast will enable you to push mobile games to your TV wirelessly. "We're not just talking about flinging Angry Birds," said Nvidia's Mike Han, "but racing a super-charged jet ski in the game Riptide THD and playing heart-pounding first-person shooter games like Shadowgun THD."

So the idea is basically to turn your multi-core phone into a flexible home console. If you're thinking that there's no substitution for a proper control pad, then it appears Nvidia is way ahead of you. "You can even take mobile gaming to the next level by pairing a Tegra device with a console controller for the ultimate wireless display experience," says Han.

Nvidia is waiting for the Wi-Fi Alliance to finalise Miracast's specs before it makes any announcements on availability.

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July 27, 2012, 4:03 pm

Nvidia have carved themselves a big niche with there Tegra 3 chip, GTA III runs very well on both the Nexus 7 & Transformer Prime.

You can plug a PS3 controller into a Asus Transformer Prime & the OS recognises it automaticaly, though you have to go through a few steps to get it paired up using bluetooth.

A standard by wireless could could make consoles redundant with how fast mobile technology is evolving.

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