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Nvidia teases major CES 2017 showcase: AI, VR, and driverless cars incoming


Nvidia GTX 980

Nvidia has teased its announcement line-up for CES 2017, and it’s got everyone excited.

It turns out that CEO Jen-Hsun Huang will be helming Nvidia’s first-ever keynote address at the CES technology tradeshow in Las Vegas this January. Nvidia has promised that he’ll be breaking news in “some of the areas” it’s focused on, including artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, virtual reality, and gaming.

This announcement has launched speculation into what Nvidia might announce. Last year, Nvidia showed off DRIVE PX 2, the world’s first supercomputer for driverless cars. And the year before that, it ignited conspiracy theories by commissioning a crop circle in California – oh, and the launched the Tegra mobile processor too.

Check out this year’s teaser video:

So what might Nvidia actually announce? It’s hard to say, but we could see anything from new processors to a brand new GeForce graphics card to improvements in deep learning AI technology to a new accelerator for self-driving cars. There’s even a chance we could see a new device to follow on from the Shield hand-held console.

Perhaps the most exciting possibility would be details on the new Volta GPU architecture, the sixth-generation technology that’s set to follow Pascal (launched 2016). After all, rival AMD plans to show off its new Zen ‘Summit Ridge’ CPUs at the show, and has been heavily teasing its next-gem Vega graphics cards.

The TrustedReviews team will be live at CES 2017, so stay tuned for all the latest news come January.

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