Nokia X to get SwiftKey keyboard app

SwiftKey has confirmed that its popular third party keyboard is coming to the new Nokia X range.

One of the advantages of the newly announced Nokia X, Nokia X+, and Nokia XL running on Android rather than Microsoft’s Windows Phone is the potential for customisation.

Whereas you have to stick with the default Windows Phone keyboard, Android users have a wide selection of alternatives to choose from. SwiftKey is one of the best and most popular of those alternatives.

Of course, the Nokia X won’t have access to the Google Play Store, where SwiftKey currently lives. But SwiftKey’s availability on the new budget phones has already been confirmed by the company.

The advantage of SwiftKey over a number of its rivals is the way it learns your typing style, then begins to predict the words you want to type next. It also possesses a Swype-like system whereby you can type in a flowing, continuous manner without lifting your finger from the screen.

It seems the the SwiftKey for Nokia X app will also include SwiftKey Cloud, which lets you backup typing profile and modifies it each morning with whatever’s hot on Twitter.

The keyboard app will be free when it hits the Nokia Store, which is Nokia’s new custom app store.

Of course, we’re interested to see how Nokia has fared with its own default keyboard for the Nokia X range. If that’s decent, we might not even need to download SwiftKey.

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Via: Pocket-lint