Nokia X is compatible with 75% of Android apps already

Nokia has explained that the Nokia X is compatible with 75 per cent of all Android apps already.

Developers will only need to submit the .apk files to the Nokia Store in order for their Android apps to run on the Nokia X.

One of the biggest flaws of the Nokia X that we can see from the MWC 2014 announcement is the fact it will “run Android apps”, but will not provide direct access to the Google Play Store – something that has always irked us about the Amazon Kindle Fire range.

Developers will have to manually submit their apps to the Nokia Store, which could take some time and cause compatibility issues.

However, it seems Nokia is making it easy for Android apps to run on the Nokia X.

“Nokia Store testing has shown that approximately 75 per cent of Android apps will run properly without any modifications; they’re ready to be published in Nokia Store”
, explains the

Nokia Developer portal.

Apparently, the remaining 25 per cent of Android app can be ported to the Nokia X within around 8 hours, even If they utilise Google services.

Nokia has created a plugin that is capable of analysing apps for any porting issues, but any apps that use maps, in-app payment systems or notifications features will be required to use the Nokia alternatives like HERE Maps.

In order to help developers, Nokia has provided a Nokia X services SDK pluin and a whole load of instructions to aid the Nokia X’s app portfolio come launch.

“Nokia services have been designed to minimize porting effort from apps using corresponding Google services and allow developers to develop and distribute a single APK targeting multiple stores.”

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