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Nokia Sea Ray Spotted On Video

David Gilbert


Nokia Sea Ray

Nokia’s first Windows Phone has been leaked again, this time in a hands-on video showing off the phone the Finnish company hope will return them to the top of the smartphone pile.

Last month, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop “accidentally” showed off the new phone, codenamed the Sea Ray, to a group of journalists. While this was almost certainly a publicity stunt to help grow interest in the handset, we doubt that the latest video was sanctioned by Nokia.

In the video, which seemed to have been videoed in a factory, we initially see a Sea Ray phone encased in a protective shell. When the phone is removed, it shows the same form factor we saw last month and which continues to remind us of the MeeGo-touting N9.

The phone, with the usual three Windows capacitive buttons on the bottom of the screen, is booted up and a large 7 is seen onscreen before a Q symbol, probably to do with the Qualcomm chip which is almost certainly resides inside the Sea Ray.

Other than that, not much new information could be gleaned from the video except to confirm that one of the buttons on the side of the device is a physical shutter button for the camera. The devices looks as if it is close to being complete, if not finished already and could point to an imminent launch – possibly at IFA at the beginning of September?

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