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Nokia Sabre and Searay are first Nokia Windows Phones


Nokia Searay
Nokia Searay

The first Nokia Windows Phone handsets are set to be called the Nokia Sabre and Nokia Searay, according to Microsoft.

Entrants to a Canadian competition have spotted in the terms and conditions that prizes for the comp' may include Windows Phone handsets such as the Nokia Sabre and Searay, as well as some other new arrivals in the shape of the Samsung Yukon and Samsung Wembley.

Nokia Searay

The T&Cs have since been edited to remove reference to the handset models but they go on to say the devices will have an estimate retail value of $600, which ties in with the cost of a premium smartphone.

The competition itself asked for developers to design two apps for Mango, the latest version of Windows Phone, which pass muster and make it onto the Windows Phone MarketPlace. Once approved, up to 300 entrants will find themselves to be the proud owners of a spangly new smartphone.

Nokia Searay

We've heard the name Searay bandied around for a while but Sabre is something of a newcomer so we've got little to go on there. The former, though, is expected to be very similar to the Nokia N9, the first and last MeeGo phone which sadly shan't be arriving here in the UK. If it is similar we can expect it to sport a matt plastic body that, rather than being painted, is a solid colour throughout - the N9 has a beautiful looking and feeling finish. The N9 also sports a 3.9in OLED screen and an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flashes.

As for the Samsung Yukon and Samsung Wembley, we again have almost nothing to go on so will have to wait patiently until more details begin to trickle through.

For the full low down on those Nokia handsets, though, we hope to find out everything at the end of October at Nokia World.

Are you excited by the imminent arrival of Nokia's first Windows phone handsets? Do you care more about what Samsung has to offer? Or do you just not care? Let us know in the comments.


Martin Daler

September 30, 2011, 8:29 pm

My natural inclination is to hold out for the Nokia, but they don't do much to help. It is all very well Apple playing their cards so close to their chest - they have a current model to sell, and the 'big reveal' is their party trick.

But Nokia don't have a current WP7 phone to protect, they hardly have any phones at all to protect in fact, so they may as well get their hooks in deep with some semi-credible teaser info leaked via the usual methods, in the hope that it gives some of their potential customers a bit of staying power. Otherwise the temptation to plump for whatever HTC or Sammy can beguile us with here-and-now might well steal a good many potential Nokia customers.


October 2, 2011, 1:08 am

Nokia lost me as a customer after they ditched Meego....

Martin Daler

October 2, 2011, 6:48 pm

must have been a very short tenure, given that they ditched Meego even before you could have been a Meego customer

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