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Nokia Promises Cheaper Windows Phone Mobiles

Andrew Williams


Nokia Lumia 610
Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia has reaffirmed that it knows it needs to produce cheaper Windows Phone mobiles in order to compete with budget Android phones. When the Nokia Lumia 610 costs around £160 on a pre-pay deal, it seems clear that Nokia wants to break the £100 barrier.

During an investor conference call, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop re-stated the company's need to produce lower-cost Windows-powered smartphones. He said "We need to compete with Android aggressively… The low-end price point war is an important part of that."

To date, its most affordable Windows phone is the Nokia Lumia 610, which sacrifices RAM and CPU power to keep costs down. Elop said that the company has firm plans to drop the price of entry even further, and says they have already pinpointed "ways to go even further than we anticipated."

Short of employing child workers in sweatshops, we can't imagine what these might be. The Nokia Lumia 610 already uses a lower-tech screen, lesser internal memory and weaker cameras than its Lumia series relatives, as well as a less luxurious-feeling plastic body.

Microsoft is to hold a Windows Phone summit next week, which may shed some light onto the ways phone-makers will be able to shed some pounds off those phone prices in the future.

via The Verge

Brian ONeill

June 15, 2012, 4:41 pm

I got the wife a lumia 710 for only £120 on PAYG from carphone warehouse. It is a great little phone, excellant value and a great UI.

PS: You really need to look at your comments code, half the time it does not let me know login, it does not remember me, and i do not think it works in chrome at all. Comments are way down since the new site launch, and the reason is your users just can't log in most of the time.


June 15, 2012, 4:56 pm

It seems that Nokia's strive to the bottom end of the market is relentless. Such a shame. At this rate they will be bought out completely by MS and just produce cheap stocking fillers. As good as these phones are, Nokia needs to start making phones on ALL platforms, tomorrow. And we need some top end devices to build the brand again.

Is it already too late? Probably, judging by their share price collapse & redundancies imposed by Elop. Fire him first.

@Brian I don't think anyone at TR is even working on this site half the time. It just plods on with the same annoyingly obvious glitches month after month. I'm still hoping they will have a change of management and bring back the old functioning site! Less 'features' - More functionality please :)

Brian ONeill

June 15, 2012, 5:28 pm

Indeed, i have sent several bug reports emails but they just seem to be ignored. Guys you really need to get back on top of things. For example this screen shows that i get an error when i try to comment even though i am logged in:

@ElectricSheep have you tried a nokia 710? It really is a fantastic bargain. Great screen, extremly fast, good build quality. For me it is the best product nokia have at the moment (at that price level).

I have an iphone 4, i got the lumia for the wife. I assumed windows mobile would be useless, but when I got the phone i found out it was really impressive, the wife loves it, it even reads out your text messages ;-)


June 15, 2012, 6:45 pm

@Brian Totally agree with you regarding the adding of comments. Was personally tired of it timing out (especially when my Broadband is 30Mb). I wonder if it's the facebook intergration or the move to ?.net? I never had an issue previously, As a result I had completely given up for some time attempting to add my considered thoughts. Was quite supprised it worked today for me. It must be because it's IE/sporn of Satan. Can't believe the login doesn't recall peoples details. Very disappointing and the only reason why i visit this site after others now when originally it was first on my list.

Luan Bach

June 15, 2012, 9:31 pm

Yeah, that text messages reading is quite cool. Surprised me when I first heard the phone asking me if I want the new message to be read out. Don't need to take the phone out of my pocket to check sms now.


June 15, 2012, 9:54 pm

@Brian - like the screen grab, nice to see that the 'experience' is universal and not just aimed at my IP!

I had a Lumia 800 for a while, initially I loved it. Then I quickly came to hate it with every waking minute! Problem for me was that I was thinking of the Lumia as being a top end device. All singing and all dancing, polished product to compete with Apple & Android's high end products. At least that's how it was marketed and priced.

After I discovered that the phone was about as stable as a 3rd World dictator, had the battery life of a fish finger and that Nokia was disinterested in supporting customers, I sold it at a heavy financial loss. Never again.

But now, a few months have passed, if I think of windows phones with a very cheap entry price and great build quality, my expectations are much lower than in a potential 'Halo' product. It makes more sense. I did like the OS, but I came away thinking that it need a lot more than a spit and polish to get it up to the level I needed. But for a basic phone at a great price, it's interesting and very capable.

Maybe lower priced Windows Phone Nokia's can becomes the world's replacement for the vast Nokia S40 user base of yesteryear? Although it looks like even cheaper & more capable Android handsets have already filled that niche.


June 18, 2012, 3:03 am

I think you've summaries my personal experience of Windows Phone perfectly: It's a good replacement for the Series 40 mid-to-low range handsets but just cannot compete with the upper echelons of über-Androids and iOS

I was massively disappointed to see that Nokia discontinued Maemo/Meego, especially when it looked to have such promise for Nokia phones of the future...

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