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Nokia Play To brings DLNA to Lumia range


Nokia Play To brings DLNA to Lumia range

Nokia has released a new beta app called Nokia Play To, which allows its Windows Phones to stream content to other DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) connected devices such as TVs.

DLNA is fairly commonplace now on phones and TVs alike so Nokia is playing catchup here, but considering its Nokia Lumia 800 is just about the best Windows Phone out there, the addition will be a welcome one.

Still in beta, the app has its limitations. While a full DLNA system should let you stream your phone's video, pictures and music to your big screen, as well as access content from other DLNA compatible devices on your phone, here you can't do the latter at all while music streaming is also currently unavailable.

Nokia Play To Nokia Play To

Nonetheless, if you want to give the beta version of Play To a go head over to the Nokia Beta Labs site, where you'll be able to download the application.


Nokia Beta Labs


March 26, 2012, 10:01 pm

Uh? I don't know where you see that it will be available on Windows Phone. All I see is a symbian app... It even says "Nokia Belle only".

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