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Nokia Oro Is Bling Verion Of C7

David Gilbert


Nokia Oro

What do you want from your mobile phone? Great battery life, fast processor, intuitive operating system? Or do you want a real leather back, 18 carat gold plating and a sapphire crystal menu key? Well if you’re in the latter group, then read on.

Nokia has decided that the best way to sell off a backlog of C7 handsets is to dip them in gold, slap them with a price tag of €800 (£695) and call it the Nokia Oro (Italian for gold apparently). The C7, is a decent phone hardware-wise but its downfall was the Symbian OS housed inside – though the Oro will have the updated Symbian Anna out of the box (which isn’t gold-plated by the way). However Nokia has now decided that all it needs to do to sell the surplus phones is bling them up a little. One of the markets Nokia seems to be targeting with these ostentatious handsets is Russia, home of the oligarch. "We have a large number of users who are looking for products with a build quality and superior materials that attest to their success and social standing. In some areas, possession of such premium products is the passport to being taken seriously," so said Nokia's Gabriel Speratti, General Manager for its operations the former USSR.

Nokia Oro - Black

The C7 has a 3.5in AMOLED screen, 720p video recording and an 8 megapixels camera and the Oro retains all these superior hardware features. As well as being coated in 18-carat gold, the Oro has a real leather rear and the menu button is encrusted in sapphire crystals. It will ship to “selected stores” in black and white versions. Just in case you were worried that you would have to pair your new Oro with a ‘regular’ Bluetooth headset, fear not. The sales package also features an 18-carat gold edition of the Nokia J Bluetooth headset. The handset is expected to ship to select countries in Asia and Europe in Q3.

You can start saving now so that when the Oro does arrive you’ll be able to splurge on the gold-plated unit to make all your friends jealous – or laugh at you, as the case may be. We just can’t help thinking that gold plating a C7 is like slapping a Rolls Royce emblem on the front of a Nissan Micra - but we're sure there will be people who will snap this up the moment it is available.

Source: Nokia via Engadget

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