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MeeGo-Running Nokia N9 Spotted In Teaser Ad

David Gilbert


Nokia N9 Seen On Video - Running MeeGo

MeeGo has had a troubled up bringing. Being a mishmash of two other operating systems, Nokia’s replacement for Symbian has now seen its future thrown into disarray with Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft – but we could be one step closer to finally seeing the OS running on a phone.

A teaser ad (see below) has been uncovered by the guys over at Pocketnow showing the latest Nokia N-series handset. While initially it was believed the handset could simply be running the Anna version of Symbian, but over at the official MeeGo Facebook page screen shots of the teaser ad have been uploaded which all but confirms that this is MeeGo we’re seeing on the N9. While there are certainly similarities with Symbian Anna, there are enough differences, such as multitasking and the status bar, to make us think this is indeed Meego.

Other than spotting MeeGo in action, the teaser ad is just that, a tease. We get very short snapshots of the phone itself but from the short glimpses we do get, we can see that the N9 will have a 12 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and auto focus. Also visible is the slideout QWERTY chiclet keyboard. Other details about the handset have been speculated on a lot with little consensus and nothing official coming from Nokia. MeeGo was given a lifeline in April when it was announced that LG would be joining ZTE and China Mobile in a working group to bring the OS to a smartphone platform.

A release date has of course not been mentioned but considering this professional looking teaser ad has been uncovered we could be looking at a launch in the next few months. So we'll will have to wait a little longer to get our hands on the phone but we’re eager to see whether MeeGo could have a viable future.

Source: Pocketnow via Engadget

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