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Nokia Music app arrives on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices


Nokia Music for Windows 8
Nokia Music for Windows 8

Nokia has unleashed its Music app for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, marking the first time the company has released an application for PC and tablet devices.

The Nokia Music application had previously been available only through the Finnish manufacturer's line of Lumia Windows Phone handsets.

The app launched last year, offering hundreds of free specially-collated playlists and allowing users to create their own mixes based on artists and songs through Mix Radio portion of the app.

There's also a Music Plus subscription offering for £3.99 a month that gives users unlimited Mix Radio skips, higher quality streaming and unlimited downloads for offline listening. That's where the new tablet/PC version comes in.

The new Windows 8 and Windows RT version of the app is designed to allow subscribers to get more from the service. A blog post on Friday suggests there will not be a free play option, but downloaders can enjoy a 7 day trial beyond the 30 second clip mixes offered outside of the trial period.

Nokia’s head of music, Mike Bebel, told the Nokia Conversations blog: “When we launched Nokia Music Plus, the improvements were all designed around consumer feedback. So what did the biggest fans of the free Nokia Music service want most to take it to the next level?

“What people wanted most were unlimited skips, more offline storage, access to lyrics and the ability to use the service on all of their different devices.

“(This is) one step further for service, and equally reinforces Nokia Lumia as the smartphone of choice for the Windows 8 ecosystem.”

“Whether you’re at home using a tablet, connected via a PC in the office, or using your smartphone on the move, Nokia Music Plus is there with a soundtrack to match.”

The Nokia Music app is available to download from the Windows Store in the UK, US, Ireland and Australia with more Music Plus enabled countries receiving access in the weeks to come.

You can get a glimpse of the app in the video below.


Jason Nguyen

May 7, 2013, 6:31 am

Today I CANCELED my Nokia Music Plus Subscription... I have been using Lumia Music Mix since last year and I find the app is a excellence one. Lumia Music Mix is the only factor that drawn me back to Windows Mobile. When Nokia announces Music+, it's a no-brainer for me to subscribe the service due to two reasons: (1) Unlimited music mix downloads and (2) unlimited Mix Radio skips. However after using it for a while I realize what Nokia HAVEN'T told us is that unlimited downloads are LIMITED into internal phone storage only, which is ridiculous. My Lumia phone has 8GB internal storage, half of it is factory-used for Windows Phone OS, so effectively I only have about 3.7GB to use for: phone apps, app data, memory space for the phone to work properly, etc. Therefore with all my daily apps and data, I only have about less than 2GB for Music Mix download while a high quality mix is already a few hundreds of MB... So my "unlimited" subscription in fact only allows to download about 6-8 music mix for offline use. I feeling CHEATED. If Nokia doesn't do anything about this (encrypt the music, allow download into SD card storage, etc), I believe the company might as well goes bankrupt :).


January 9, 2014, 3:03 pm

I don't believe Nokia is required to tell you that when you download something (music in this case), it takes up local storage. When you buy a car does the manufacturer tell you the amount of gas you can hold is limited by the size of the tank?

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