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Nokia Maps For Windows Phone 7 Details Leaked

Andrew Williams


Nokia Maps

Nokia's own Windows Phone 7 GPS navigation app, Nokia Maps, has been leaked in screenshot form. It will likely come pre-installed on the Nokia Windows phones set for an official outing before the end of the month at Nokia World.

It's not available yet, but the leaked screenshots of Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 7 tell you exactly what the app will be like. Expected to launch alongside the Nokia Sabre, rumoured to be the first Nokia Windows phone, it'll offer a comprehensive GPS mapping package, complete with turn-by-turn directions and the usual socialite's encyclopaedia of restaurants, bars and drive-in Burger King locales.

Nokia Maps

As is the norm for Windows Phone 7 apps, though, it all looks rather familiar, bearing the same Windows-flavoured stylistic tweaks seen in the Bing Maps app, the current Windows Phone standard. Perhaps the main attraction of Ovi Maps, the name of Nokia Maps before "Ovi" was dropped as its branding, historically was its ability to store reams of map data on the handset, ruling-out the need to continuously stream data over a mobile internet connection when out and about. We're not yet sure whether this Windows edition will offer similar functionality.Nokia Maps

We also don't yet know whether non-Nokia Windows Phone 7 owners will be able to benefit from the Nokia navigation software. The screenshots show a fairly standard-looking Windows Marketplace entry for the app, but this may be a Nokia device exclusive. It currently exists as a "private" entry within the app store, so don't be surprised when it doesn't show up from a standard Marketplace search.

Nokia Maps

Are you Windows Phone 7 owners out there bothered if you can't get your digits on Nokia Maps? Let us know in the comments.

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Martin Daler

October 3, 2011, 5:35 pm

Ovi Maps (or whatever they choose to call it) would be one of the big deciding factors for me in favour of a Nokia WP7 phone. And one of the big draws for Ovi Maps is the fact that you can download the maps and don't need a data connection to run it - after all, I most need navigation when I am abroad, which is when I least want data!


October 3, 2011, 8:27 pm

Nokia maps was the big reason I stuck with Nokia, As I had a big holiday planed, I got myself a C7 only to discover Nokia have no maps for both Japan and Korea! Seriously WTF! Its fine if you stay in Europe and the US, but it's really poor for other places.
So unless they fix this it will always be too limited for me.

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